Coronavirus Response

Updated on April 25, 2020

To our customers,

Many of you have thanked us for our efforts to keep the Kensington Farmers’ Market open during the COVID 19 health crisis. We are doing our best to follow the rapidly evolving guidelines and update our procedures and practices to keep everyone as safe as possible while providing healthy farm-direct food to our community and maintaining our vendors’ livelihood. Thank you for your ongoing feedback and support.

Our Market is managed with a very small staff and volunteers from the community. If you can help us out in any way, especially during this time of extraordinary change, talk to market manager Chris Hall or contact us.

Chris ‘El Jefe’ Hall and the Kensington Farmers’ Market

WE NEED YOUR COOPERATION to help keep everyone safe and keep the Market open.

If you are sick, do not come to the market. Find a friend or neighbor who can shop for you.

Maintain a distance of more than 6 feet from others not in your immediate household.

We have made the following improvements to our Sunday Market:

  • Masks are now required for ALL shoppers.

  • Masks and gloves are required for all vendors.

  • Early shopping between 9 am-10 am to accommodate seniors and those who need a little head start on their day.

  • Pre-order option! Look for the pre-order links on the Vendor page.

  • Rearranged Layout. We have relocated all of our vendor stalls to the edges of the market so that customers have plenty of room to keep social distances to six feet or more. This will help reduce crowding. If you are confused, please ask a staff person at the info booth to help you find the vendor you are looking for.

  • Handwashing stations or anti-bacterial gel at all booths for vendors and customers. Wash your hands before, during and after the market.

  • End-Of-Line Markers. If a line reaches its designated maximum length (marked by a barricade or chalk line), please visit another booth until that line shortens. This will help keep multiple lines from running into each other.

  • Wait outside of The Market. If crowds get too dense, staff will ask customers to wait in an "Over-Flow Line" outside of the market perimeter or on sidewalks until enough customers leave to keep things spacious. Please help us achieve this by volunteering to wait there if you feel it is getting too crowded inside.

  • Credit cards are accepted by the majority of our vendors. You can swipe it yourself and the vendor can sign with an X.

  • Deli-Style Farm Stands Where Possible, Larger booths staffed many workers will be selecting and bagging produce for you. Yes, this slows things down, but it keeps you and just as importantly, our Farmers extremely safe.

  • No samples will be offered by vendors at the market.

  • No two booths are the same so please do not expect full uniformity across them. Depending on their product and size, different systems will work best for different vendors (and shoppers). Choose to shop at the booths that you feel most comfortable with and remember that the expectation is always that you wash produce before consumption.