Raffle Winners!

Every now and then we raffle off a wonderful basket of goodies from the market. So next time you see a raffle announcement in our newsletter, get down to the market and enter… it's free! Check out the smiles on these lucky winners' faces…

Tobi guessed the weight of the Great Pumpkin and won the Halloween Basket, October 26, 2014!

Andy and Susan Dean of El Cerrito, winners of the Summer Celebration Raffle, July 7, 2013!

David and Janet Mowery of Kensington, winners of the Valentines Day Raffle, Feb 10, 2013!

Eliza Ramirez and family from El Cerrito, winners of the big Movie Night Raffle!

Janna Kutz, winner of the May 20, 2012 Raffle!

Gretchen Detre and daughter, winners of the March 18, 2012 Raffle!

Elyane and Michael Isaacs of Berkeley, winners of the February 19, 2012 Raffle!

Charlotte Strem - Winner of the January 15, 2012 New Year's Raffle!

Douglass Mackenzie & Jane McKelheer - Winners of the October 30, 2011 Harvest Raffle!

Dillen Corlett (and dad) - Winner of the August 14th, 2011 Summer Harvest Raffle!

Cathy Jones - Winner of the July 17th, 2011 Mid-Summer Dinner Raffle!

The Bertelsen/Warmerdam family - Mark, Kristianna, Mateo & Henry

Winners of the May 29th, 2011 Anniversary Raffle Basket!

Jessica Jones and family... winners of the April 3rd, 2011 (not so) Rainy Day Raffle Basket!